Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aromatherapy on call...anytime!

After weeks (months even) of snow, sleet and arctic chill, who couldn't use a bit of warm luxury?  Shower Steamers come in four amazing aromatherapy blends: refresh (grapefruit/lavender), relax (lavender/bergamot), healing (lavender/teatree) and clarity (eucalyptus/peppermint).  Just pop one in your shower and let the steam and indirect spray diffuse the fragrance.  Each tablet will last about a week and make you feel like you've just had a fabulous spa experience.  Ready to indulge...?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Urban chic without trying too hard...

These cuff bracelets are made of the coolest natural materials like stingray and lizard.  Contrasted with the simple architectural styling of the buckle they are proof of how simplicity can pay off for the ultimate in good design.  Who isn't looking for something to freshen up our tired winter wardrobe at this point...seriously!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Downcity merchants are the total package this Valentine's Day!

1. T-Shirts from Craftland in many styles with great graphics for guys and gals.  2. A few features from Craftland's upcoming Jewelry Trunk Show  this Saturday the 12th-Sunday 13th. Gold earrings from Dahlia Kanner Studio, metal ruler bracelet by LeeAnn Herreid. 3. "Murmur" hand cast belt buckle by RT Peters at Heir Antiques. 4. Beautifully scented, all natural local bath and beauty products from ZOP Soap. Chocolate (yum!), apple shampoo bar, and new to ZOP, their delcious scents available in perfumes: such as top seller Dazzlebomb. 5. Sweet locket earrings from Queen of Hearts, where you can find a huge selection of great, affordable and locally made jewelry! 6. Pink rhinestone bracelet at Clover, where you can find lot's of great accessories and beautiful clothing...for guys too! 7. Modern Love: handbags, accessories and shoes.  She'll love anything from us. 8. A pick for the boys, ladies love whiskey too! 12 yr Balvenie DoubleWood single malt Scotch at Eno. 9. Homestyle has got a great selection of gifts: too many to list here! Votivo scented candles are heavenly, and Blush of Rose is one of their newest..."let's fork, then spoon"...Homestyle has the perfect Hallmark alternative with a beautiful selection of romantic and cheeky V-Day cards. 10. On the card subject, Craftland, as always, has an awesome selection of locally designed and screen printed cards with just the right sentimate. Tell your sweetie you love them "...a wicked lot" Rhode Island style! 11. The perfect pair with the whiskey you picked up from Eno, the very popular Whiskey Rocks at Homestyle chill any libation without watering down that perfect taste. Here in a set with two glasses.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Give your Valentine a special HUG...

...these fantastic little salt and pepper shakers hug together when not doing their job.  (And don't forget to ask for our beautiful complimentary giftwrap...)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day cards for everyone!

For your true love, your cynical best friend, your secret crush...

We're back...

...from the New York Gift Show!  Stay tuned for new and amazing things arriving soon!  We'll be sure to post as they come in - everything from the coolest backpacks you will ever see to wall art to toys!