Monday, October 31, 2011

New Limited Edition Art "Maps" of Providence and Rhode Island...Love Them!!

Inspired by urban subway maps, artist and graphic designer Rajiv Ramaiah has created these wonderfully simple and bold 11" x 17" art prints in a limited edition for both Providence and Rhode Island.  "I try to tell a story through each map, one that isn't immediately obvious" says the artist.  "There's an element of surprise in my pieces that I hope makes the viewers laugh (or cry - I'll take either) when they realize they aren't just looking at a subway map." 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unleash Your Inner "Artiste" Every Month For a Year!!

Tired of all those calendars showing the same old cute puppy and kitten photos?  Looking for a way to make a mark on 2012?  Here is a calendar you can draw on, erase, and draw on again!  Every month's spread is a paper "chalkboard" surface with an unfinished white-on-black drawing and a prompt providing inspiration to help you make the image come alive.  Change your mind?  Not to worry, you can erase it and embrace your new inspiration.  Even better, the calendar comes equipped with chalk in four colors!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage Designs, Modern Materials and a Functional No-Brainer!

These fabulous coin/trinket purses are made of silicone for an unexpected twist on a classic design.  The colors choices are reminiscent of your favorite box of crayons giving them an even more whimsical feel.  Plus, they are much easier to find in the bottom of your purse that way!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make Your Next Glass of Wine a Cooler Experience!

is made for wine!
And it is the answer to keeping a glass of wine
chilled to the very end. On a beach, on a balmy
terrace. Or in your favourite wine bar.

White and rose wines are made to be enjoyed cold
and crisp. But how often have you dropped an ice
cube or two in your rapidly warming Chardonnay?

The frozen Chill Ball is snapped into its its patented
clip and sits securely at the bottom of the wine glass.
Hygienic and reusable it won't effect the flavour at all.
The shimmering sphere keeps wine at the perfect fridge
served temperature, without compromising the taste.

The flexible clips are available in different lengths so that
Chill Ball can be used with any size of traditionally shaped
wine glass.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just In Time For the Autumn Chill...Sweaters As Cozy As Bear Hugs and Puppy Kisses

Animal-inspired zipper cardigans complete with pockets and hoods are perfect for outdoor play in the autumn chill.  They are lined in fleece for an extra special "cozy factor" and so cute they might actually inspire creative play themselves.  Acquired through fair trade in sizes for toddler to big kid.  My daughter couldn't wait to zip hers up this morning and head off to school!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Press Here...You'll Be Glad You Did!

Every once in a while I buy a book for the store based almost exclusively on instinct...without actually having the opportunity to turn the pages and read it first.  When I saw Press Here by Herve Tullet it looked enchanting.  I just opened the UPS box.  It's even better than that.  I can't wait to bring one home tonight for my girls.  I can hear their giggles already.  Like I said, enchanting.  Going to order some more right now before I run out!!  Right after I, you know, Press Here a couple of times.  It's addictive.  Just wait and see!

Mid Century Meets Modern In the Form of a Globe

Handmade of recycled paper, this sublime globe-shaped lantern is a "must see".  Designed by the fabulous Inaluxe team.  A total gem.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Back!!! Frasier Fir Is On the Shelves Today!!

At this time of year the air is filled with anticipation.  Some people are waiting anxiously for the Great Pumkin.  Others for this season's Beaujolais Nouveau.  But for those who have ever experienced its extraordinary fragrance, the real news is when Frasier Fir is back in stock at Homestyle.  Well, we are pleased to report that thanks to our beloved UPS delivery man Phil, IT'S BACK!!  Candles, diffusers and sachets just waiting to delight one and all.