Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make Your Next Glass of Wine a Cooler Experience!

is made for wine!
And it is the answer to keeping a glass of wine
chilled to the very end. On a beach, on a balmy
terrace. Or in your favourite wine bar.

White and rose wines are made to be enjoyed cold
and crisp. But how often have you dropped an ice
cube or two in your rapidly warming Chardonnay?

The frozen Chill Ball is snapped into its its patented
clip and sits securely at the bottom of the wine glass.
Hygienic and reusable it won't effect the flavour at all.
The shimmering sphere keeps wine at the perfect fridge
served temperature, without compromising the taste.

The flexible clips are available in different lengths so that
Chill Ball can be used with any size of traditionally shaped
wine glass.

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