Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Tool Kit Dad Will Really Have Fun With...

Ambers, porters, lambics, lagers...what are these and what do they taste like?  This Beer Tasting Took Kit will help you find out!  Learn how to organize a tasting party, pair beer with food (try dark lager with chocolate) and more.  A handy booklet breaks down beer into style categories with information on their background, flavors, aromas and unique character.

For anyone interested in beer, this kit will have you tasting and evaluating everything from abbey ales to wheat beers like an authentic brewer.  What's inside?  A 48-page booklet, 4 tasting notepads, a quick-reference card and 18 paper covers and twine for concealing bottles for blind tastings.  Everything you need to host a beer tasting...just add beer!

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