Monday, May 7, 2012

Asparagus. Esophagus. And then...

A FISH named GUS!!  It's official.  Meet Gus, the most handsome little Betta ever!  Congratulations to Nick Avery for the name.  Nick is the winner of a Fishhotel just like the one Gus lives in!

With over 50 entries to our NAME THAT FISH contest there were some extraordinary suggestions and we have decided to award a second prize to Tara Celeste for her suggestion of Sushi.  We loved the name but just couldn't do it...who would want to eat this sweet little guy?  Tara wins a $25 gift certificate to HomeStyle!

Other great suggestions included Go Fish, Wanda, Westminster, Sancho Pansa, Betta Homes and Gardens and Bob.  There were so many great choices but in the end, when we look at him we see our little man Gus.

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