Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homestyle Welcomes My Mez - A Table That is Truly a Work of Art

Mez is the Indian word for Table.  These lovely, handcrafted tables are made of birch wood and then customized with a photo taken by the artist in his travels through India and New England.  The table's coating gives it an attractive finish and durability.  What's more, your Mez can also convert to artwork, without any tools, simply by unscrewing and storing the table legs behind the top.  You will find two saw teeth on the back of the top allowing you to hang the entire piece as photographic art when not in use. 

Would you like a Mez with your own photo?  Provide us with a special image of anything from a wedding to a newborn baby to a favorite vacation spot and have it turned into a completely personalized and functional table!

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